The IACHR’s practice of conducting follow-up reports derives from its functions as the principal organ of the OAS responsible for protection and promotion of human rights, pursuant to Articles 41.c and d of the American Convention, which are consistent with Articles 18 c. and d. of the Statute, Article 63.h of the Regulations in force until April 30, 2001, and Article     of the Rules of Procedure in force since May 1, 2001.  The purpose of including follow-up reports in a separate chapter of the annual report is to evaluate measures taken to implement the recommendations made by the IACHR in its country reports.


On October 7, 1999, the IACHR adopted a Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Dominican Republic, in which it made a series of recommendations to that State.[1]  On February 2,2001 the Commission contacted the Government of the Dominican Republic to request information regarding the measures taken to comply with the recommendations, in order to be able to prepare the corresponding follow-up report.  In reply, the Government of the Dominican Republic invited the Commission to conduct a “follow-up visit” in November 2001.[2]  Given that the Commission decided to accept the invitation of the Government of the Dominican Republic, the follow-up report on the recommendations made in the Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Dominican Republic will be written after the aforementioned visit and included in the next annual report of the IACHR.

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[1] OEA/Ser.L/VIII.104 doc.49 rev.1.

[2] Note MP-RD-OEA 160-01 of the Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic to the OAS, dated February 28, 2001.