According to articles 19 and 41 of the American Convention on Human Rights and article 15.1 of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), the Rapporteurship on the Rights of the Child cooperates with the Commission through the analysis and evaluation of the situation of human rights of children in the Americas.


a.    Petitions and cases

The Rapporteurship provides specialized advice to the Commission in the proceedings of petitions filed to the IACHR regarding violations of the rights of the child.


 b.    Precautionary and provisional mesures

In serious and urgent cases that breach the rights of the child, the Commission may request that the State adopts precautionary measures to prevent irreparable harm to individuals. Moreover, the Commission may request information from the State and may issues recommendations regarding the alleged situation.


Likewise, in cases of extreme gravity and urgency, the Commission may request that the Court issues an order to the State to adopt provisional measures to avoid irreparable damage to persons.


c.     Specialized Studies

The Rapporteurship may conduct studies regarding the rights of the child. These studies contribute to the development of International Human Rights Law. Furthermore, the above mentioned studies may include recommendations to encourage States’ compliance with international human rights standards.


d.      On site visits to States

The Rapporteurship undertakes on site visits to the countries throughout the region. During these visits the Rapporteurship establishes contacts with governmental authorities, with civil society organizations and with children. These visits give the opportunity to observe in depth the problems that affect children and to address recommendations to States aiming at guaranteeing the respect and enjoyment of the rights of the child.


e.       Promotional activities

The Rapporteurship engages in promotional activities regarding the protection of the rights of the child. For instance, the Rapporteurship organizes seminaries, workshops and working meetings about international human rights standards.

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