Each year, the Rapporteurship on the Rights of Migrants main activities include:   

Monitoring: The Rapporteurship monitors developments in relation to migration in the region and how the latter affect the condition of migrant workers and their families. The Rapporteurship closely follows the effects that political and economic crises have on migratory flows in the region; examines changes in and debates on legislation and policies regarding migration, and investigates state practice in this realm.

Promotional Work and Training: The Rapporteurship undertakes workshops for non-governmental organizations working in the area of migration in the Americas. As part of these activities, the Rapporteurship promotes the Inter American human rights system underscoring and explaining concretely how the latter may be used to guarantee and enhance the rights of migrant workers and their families. These activities have been carries out in several OAS’ member states

Participation in Conferences and Intergovernmental Fora: The Rapporteurship regularly attends intergovernmental meetings where governments debate migration affairs in the region. Attending these events allows the Rapporteurship to gather information concerning migration issues, survey discussions regarding migratory policy in the region, and develop working relationships with officials in charge of implementing migratory policies in their countries. The Rapporteurship participates as an observer in the Regional Conference on Migration(RCM) and has monitored the activities of the South American Conference on Migration. 

Institutional Links: The Rapporteurship maintains contact with several international organizations and research centers working on migration issues in the Americas. These include: the International Organization on Migration; The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre; the Human Rights Program of the University of Chicago; the Center of Civil and Human Rights of the University of Notre Dame; and the Farm Worker Legal Aid Clinic of the University of Villanova Law School

Inter-American Program for the Protection and Promotion of the Human Rights of Migrants: Following a specific mandate advanced by the Heads of States and Government during the Third Summit of the Americas and a Specific Resolution by the OAS General Assembly (AG/RES. 1928 (XXXIII-O/03), the Special Rapporteurship actively participates in the discussion and preparation of an Inter-American Program for the Protection and Promotion of the Human Rights of Migrants.

Advisory Opinion: The Rapporteurship participated in the procedure of the Advisory Opinion (OC-18) before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. This advisory opinion was requested by the Mexican State to clarify the scope of the right to equality and the principle of non-discrimination (Article II of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, and Articles 1(1) and 24 of the American Convention on Human Rights), and their application to the labor rights of workers whose immigration status in the state in which they live and work is irregular. As part of this process, in conjunction with the Executive Secretariat of the IACHR, the Rapporteurship elaborated and submitted a brief to the Court. The Court issued its advisory Opinion on September 17 2003 ( only available in Spanish).