No.  32/03





1.       The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights welcomes the presentation today of the “Diagnostic Assessment of the Human Rights Situation in Mexico,” drafted by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico (OACNUDH).  The diagnostic assessment, formally handed to the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, by the Director of OACNUDH in that country, Anders Kompass, pinpoints the obstacles to the full exercise of human rights in that country and puts forward recommendations for overcoming them.  The analysis covers the following areas:  civil and political rights; economic, social, and cultural rights; and the human rights of women, indigenous peoples, vulnerable groups, and groups subject to discrimination.


2.       The IACHR followed the process of preparation of the assessment, which was characterized by broad participation by civil society organizations and government agencies.  This document will be an extremely useful reference tool for ongoing analysis of the exercise of fundamental rights in Mexico.


3.       The Inter-American Commission underscores the importance of this initiative on the part of the Mexican Government, which led in December 2000 to the signing of a technical cooperation agreement with OACNUDH and in April 2002 to the agreement that enabled local and international consultants to work with government entities and civil society organizations.  Cooperation between states and international organizations is vital for the defense and promotion of human rights.  This example of international cooperation undoubtedly sets an important standard.


4.       The Inter-American Commission is greatly encouraged by the importance attached to this diagnostic assessment by the highest authority in the Mexican Government and urges the Mexican authorities and representatives of civil society to conduct a joint analysis of it and to continue their constructive dialogue with a view to implementing its recommendations.  Furthermore, the IACHR reiterates its offer to cooperate, within its purview, in efforts to achieve that objective.


Washington, D.C., December 8, 2003