Public Hearings of the 133 Period of Sessions

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This webpage contains the audio recordings of all public hearings held during the 133 Period of Sessions of the IAHRC (October 16-31, 2008), links to the videos of some hearings (those that had webcast, which are the ones held in Room A), and links to high resolution pictures of some hearings.


Media and organizations, either governmental or non-governmental, are authorized to broadcast, webcast and add links to these audios and videos to their websites, provided they include the proper credit to the OAS. The same rule applies to the publication of the photos.

Please be aware that videos and audio recordings are made using the channel of original audio, so they may include several languages in one hearing.


The webcast of IACHR videos is possible thanks to Primestream Corporation, which provides the bandwidth needed for high-quality transmission. The Commission thanks Primestream and its president, Claudio Lisman, for this generous support.


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